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Concept Anne

Tradition Process Origin

Annè is a return to the origin of a trade, materiality and walking. Here the value is given by time, the meticulous work of the artisan , and the know-how.
A whole world that has been transferred from generation to generation. The free Annè woman, connected to the environment , is one who favors comfort, but who values ​​design.

Annè is the story, it is the love for design, it is much more than a personal project, it is the transcendence of a path traveled, it is a concept where the forgotten is being rescued.

Annè is respect for tradition.

Anne is the value of the process

Anne is a return to the origin.

Annè brings back the artisan hands of Latin America and a leisurely creative process, in communion with nature.

Here jute, leather and cotton are protagonists and behind each design there is a recognizable territory, from which we can perceive its nuances and its environment.

Our product

Biodegradable Amazon Jute

sustainable development process

Handcrafted by expert shoemakers

Designed in Chile

Manufactured in Brazil, we take care of the carbon footprint.