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Team Anne

Annè is the story of Javiera Munizaga, designer and creative director of the brand and all her life linked to the shoe industry. Through Annè, she also returns to the beginning of her own story , from a new perspective. It is in the artisan factory, where he creates, touches and immerses himself in that world that fascinates him and that he knows so well. Immersed in each part of the process, she reconnects with those artisans who saw her leave and together they celebrate a unique, sustainable and environmentally conscious collection. In 2022 she invites Pablo and Astrid to participate in her project and together they achieve the birth of Annè.

Javiera has designed and marketed shoes for the last 21 years, in 2005 she created the Zapatera brand, positioning itself as the leading brand in signature designer shoes. He worked for Tiendas Paris of the Cencosud group, developing the lines of women's, men's and children's shoes, and also for Falabella Retail SA, in charge of the development and design of children's shoes.